Monday, February 17, 2014

Passport in Bangalore took 45 days (My Experience)

Getting a fresh Tatkal passport is not an easy deal, in Bangalore APO asked me to get Annexure-F despite its clearly written that 3 out of 12 listed documents is sufficient for applying in tatkal on passport website. 
Annexure F is a document a normal human being can not get, as it requires an IPS or IAS officer to certify you that you are not a criminal, so unless you have a very close relative , you can not get annexure F done legally (optionally you can bribe some IAS IPS to get this done) . 

So after visiting PSK twice I could not apply in tatkal despite I had 3 out of 12 listed documents along with Age and address proof.  . Now since I can not convert my tatkal appointment into normal I could not apply normal on the same appointments and most recent next appointment was only available in Hubli (yes, I applied at Hubli despite I am From bangalore) ) on Jan 7th. I took it as I needed the passport in urgent. 

Now here is what happened after that 
  • Jan 7th : Applied for passport at PSK , very smooth process due to TCS managed PSKs.
  • Jan 8th:  Police Verification reached nearest Police Station.
  • Jan 10th:  Police Verification Done , Reached Police Commissioner office.
  • Jan 11th  and 12th : was weekend and 
  • Jan 13th:  Evening , Status changed to "PV Done and Passport printing is in progress" 
This is where government stupid employees show up there true work ethics. Status show "printing is in progress" but in real Police Verification was sent to my Allahabad address where I stayed in last 1 year. Status was absolutely misleading. I approached RPO to convert my application into Tatkal , but completely rude officer outright rejected my request saying proof of urgency is required, and no way you can submit proof of urgency of your husband. My Husband had a urgent Job , and he was travelling on work visa to USA, he had proof of urgency , and since I am his wife clearly his urgency applies to me as well. But the idiot sitting at the RPO out right rejected my request, asking me to produce proof my urgency.   

Anyhow ignorant of all this around 25th Jan I knew from my uncle that Police visited my house for police verification. I requested my brother to follow up with police to make sure PV process completes sooner. 

After this by Jan 30th My PV at both the address was done and status show that. 
"Your police verification is received and you passport will be dispatched once report is found clear" , we hoped to get it fast , as many people think that passport delays happen only due to Police verification, but this is not true RPO offices are full of stupid people. After waiting a week long , I decided to reach RPO again. To my surprise I ended up dealing with same idiot and he said your passport can only be dispatched after 1 month (already one month is over) My husband was traveling in 2 weeks , I am not a native of bangalore. If I would not got the passport I had to stay separate from my husband in Bangalore all alone just to receive my passport. I broke down at the counter, this officer was extremely loud and not ready to listen to me at all. I stayed and waited and spoke to another counter where a lady was sitting, she was nice, and asked me to produce proof of urgency of my husband , I provided and then she asked me to meet APO. 

After meeting APO , she told me that I will get passport issued on Feb 13. As she said I got it dispatched on Feb14 and I received the passport on the same date.

45 days long agony got over!!

  1. Police verification is not blocks your passport, if followed up properly.
  2. RPO is full on indian shitty government officers. 

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