Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Use stainless steel to remove onion/garlic odour from your fingers

Most of the Indian woman are home makers, but they don't like the smell of  onion and  garlic  coming from their fingers after chopping onions/garlic .One household tip for removing this odour from your hand is to rub your hand across the blade of the stainless steel knife.
As we know Onions and garlic contain sulphur compound ,When you cut an onion ,you break cells releasing their content. Amino acid sulfoxides from sulfenic acid .Enzymes that were kept separate now produce a gas that  react with water in  your eyes , These compounds are responsible for burning your eyes while cutting and also for characteristic odours. If these sulphur compounds bind with steel during rubbing your finger, then the odour will remove from your fingers. This trick can works but only up to a point.

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