Wednesday, August 5, 2015

7 things to increase breast milk supply

Nothings is better than breast milk for babies. It is very important for the health and growth of baby to consume breast milk. If your breast milk is not enough , first thing you should do is feed your baby as much as you can from your breast, which releases hormones in your body to produce breast milk. Also consume these 7 things to increase your milk supply. 

1. Fenugreek

it is a ancient belief that giving fenugreek seed to the lactating mother helps in increasing milk supply. It is also a good source of iron, calcium and minerals.
But be careful before consuming it too mach because it is diuretic (any substance that promotes the production of urine) and you may end up losing lots of water.

2. Garlic

garlic milk is a popular post delivery drink given to the nursing mothers. 
Mothers who eat garlic tend to feed for longer time.

3. Cumin seed

Cumin seed – know your spices

Beside increasing milk supply cumin also help in digestion and provide relief from constipation (common problem after post delivery).

4. Cinnamon

is it just me or have you noticed that cinnamon appears to be a hot ...

You can drink cinnamon milk or cinnamon tea.

5. Pulses and legumes

... description: Grains pulses and beans in bowl over white over

pulses are good source of protein. Breastfeeding mothers can drink pulses (Dal) by adding one spoon of ghee, it will help in increasing milk supply.

6. Oats 

Oat is also popular for milk supply and it is a good source of fiber and provide relief from constipation.

7. Nuts 

nuts like cashew and almond boost the milk production. Some dry fruits also use in making ladoos and halwa and flavored milk for nursing mom's.

Why do babies wake up when you put him/her down?

When you think your baby is fallen in deep sleep  in your arm and you are trying to put her/him down on the bed and they started crying or open her eyes and look at you in such a way that they were not sleeping. Some of the parents get frustrated because they need some break or if they are hungry, but don't worry your baby is not the only who is doing this, it happens to everyone.

It takes about 20 min to go in deep sleep to the babies or some time more,  even when you tried to put her/him down to the bed they will be awake and its all over. They wants to be back in their mommy's arm no matter how many times you tried and how deep of sleep they were? It happens over and over again.

Its quite natural because babies sleep cycle is different and they will get disturb and wake up easily.
Its biologically design that they can easily understand the separation from the mommy  because they feel the warmth of the body, smell of breast milk and heartbeat of the mother when you position them on your shoulder.

It happens more, till 9 months as newborn brain is not developed enough, so they don't understand that they are the separate individual from their mother. They feel protected with you.

So the idea is, always try to give 20 min in your arm or lie down with baby on the bed until  they go to the deep sleep. Do not feel weird if they wake up again after trying all this, because just before they born they never felt frightened, hungry, need to poop, cold or warm. Create a comfortable environment for them.