Wednesday, August 5, 2015

7 things to increase breast milk supply

Nothings is better than breast milk for babies. It is very important for the health and growth of baby to consume breast milk. If your breast milk is not enough , first thing you should do is feed your baby as much as you can from your breast, which releases hormones in your body to produce breast milk. Also consume these 7 things to increase your milk supply. 

1. Fenugreek

it is a ancient belief that giving fenugreek seed to the lactating mother helps in increasing milk supply. It is also a good source of iron, calcium and minerals.
But be careful before consuming it too mach because it is diuretic (any substance that promotes the production of urine) and you may end up losing lots of water.

2. Garlic

garlic milk is a popular post delivery drink given to the nursing mothers. 
Mothers who eat garlic tend to feed for longer time.

3. Cumin seed

Cumin seed – know your spices

Beside increasing milk supply cumin also help in digestion and provide relief from constipation (common problem after post delivery).

4. Cinnamon

is it just me or have you noticed that cinnamon appears to be a hot ...

You can drink cinnamon milk or cinnamon tea.

5. Pulses and legumes

... description: Grains pulses and beans in bowl over white over

pulses are good source of protein. Breastfeeding mothers can drink pulses (Dal) by adding one spoon of ghee, it will help in increasing milk supply.

6. Oats 

Oat is also popular for milk supply and it is a good source of fiber and provide relief from constipation.

7. Nuts 

nuts like cashew and almond boost the milk production. Some dry fruits also use in making ladoos and halwa and flavored milk for nursing mom's.

Why do babies wake up when you put him/her down?

When you think your baby is fallen in deep sleep  in your arm and you are trying to put her/him down on the bed and they started crying or open her eyes and look at you in such a way that they were not sleeping. Some of the parents get frustrated because they need some break or if they are hungry, but don't worry your baby is not the only who is doing this, it happens to everyone.

It takes about 20 min to go in deep sleep to the babies or some time more,  even when you tried to put her/him down to the bed they will be awake and its all over. They wants to be back in their mommy's arm no matter how many times you tried and how deep of sleep they were? It happens over and over again.

Its quite natural because babies sleep cycle is different and they will get disturb and wake up easily.
Its biologically design that they can easily understand the separation from the mommy  because they feel the warmth of the body, smell of breast milk and heartbeat of the mother when you position them on your shoulder.

It happens more, till 9 months as newborn brain is not developed enough, so they don't understand that they are the separate individual from their mother. They feel protected with you.

So the idea is, always try to give 20 min in your arm or lie down with baby on the bed until  they go to the deep sleep. Do not feel weird if they wake up again after trying all this, because just before they born they never felt frightened, hungry, need to poop, cold or warm. Create a comfortable environment for them.

Friday, July 24, 2015

What to pack in your diaper bag?

Being a new mom is full of challenges, you have to manage your house with your little ones, so you can easily miss babies essentials when you are going out, so its good to arrange your diaper bag and pack all the essential stuff of your little one before leaving home.

Items in diaper bag depends on how long you are going to be out and how young your baby is.

Diaper bag: Always choose a waterproof bag with multiple compartment so you can organize your items.

Diapers: Keep 1 diaper for every hour if you are going out for few hours, if you are going out for few days then 8 diapers per day and few extra.

Wet wipes: A pack of wipe or buy a  small wipe zip lock bag and you can refill it later.

Zip lock bags: To keep your dirty diaper.

Nursing cover: If you want to feed your baby out.

Diaper rash cream: In case if you are out for long time and you need this.

Changing pad: To change diaper of your baby, many diaper bag comes with reusable pad.

Extra cloth of baby and a small towel.

Formula milk and nipple: if you are giving formula to your baby.

Hand Sanitizer is must.

Nursing pad: To avoid leakage if you are breastfeeding.

Pacifier and Pacifier wipes: Pacifier to calm your baby if he/ she is crying.

Small clutch bag of yours: For baby immunization card and insurance card (in case baby have to go hospital then you will need this).

Blanket : You can use it to cover your baby or as a changing pad.

Hat: Hat is necessary for newborn.

For toddler: Add some more item like:
Milk bottles
Favorite snacks and some fruits
Favorite toy.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Avoid Contraceptives While Breastfeeding

Pills are absolutely fine unless you are not breastfeeding. Most of the birth control pills reduces the milk supply in mothers if they are in combination of estrogen-progesterone(these are sex hormones).

There are two area of concern while taking birth control pills during breastfeeding:
1. effect on milk production
2. there are some possibility of effect of hormones on baby

contraceptive comes in different type, some are with the combination of both estrogen and progesterone and other are progesterone only (called mini pills) .

There is no evidence that the birth control pill containing only progesterone effect the milk production. So it is safe to avoid pills specially those having estrogen during breastfeeding. Always notice while taking these medicine if you are breastfeeding.

How to sooth your baby with massage?

Massage is very important for baby's emotional and physical development. Its very common in India (and many other countries) for moms to give massage to babies.  It helps in calming down your baby as well as they will be more happy. While giving massage moms develop  special bond with their babies, and of-course massaging with oil  also helps in strengthening muscle and  soothing a tired baby.

You can use coconut oil or any baby oil, some mothers use baby moisturizing lotion for massage, which is also a good option. I am  a new mom and I also face the same problem of choosing right oil for my baby, initially I used baby oil but later I end up with coconut oil as doctor suggested and which is really good for baby skin, make sure its pure.

How to massage?

Apply a good amount of oil all over the body and massage in circular motion for at least 20 min. Press Their legs and arms, then cross babies arm and legs gently to give them little bit of stretch. This also help them in passing gas.

My doctor suggested not to do massage or use any bathing product of baby for at least 15 to 20 days till their umbilical cord falls off completely. Newborn's skin are very soft and delicate and pores should be open to breath by their skin.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I am impressed by these Food Huggers ! Are You ?

Food Huggers is a product concept from KickStarter.

Food Hugger  extends the freshness of fruits and vegetables, that have been cut into 2 parts and not used all the parts at the same time , specially Lemon, Cucumber, Onion etc. It  simply protects the cut fruits and vegetables. Food Huggers are 100 % microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. It is made by silicon.

Food Huggers are available in different sizes, which is designed by measuring the average diameter of onion, cucumber, tomato, egg plant, lemon and avocado. It also comes in different colors.

We can also use that Huggers as a cover of some glass bottles and     jars. This  design is very convenient, we can stack these four sets
together. The best part of this Huggers is that, it is reusable food savers.

Food hugger started as project on Kickstarter and got successfully funded and now they are shipping.