Friday, September 27, 2013

Nature of cheese industry in India and Nepal regarding the market potential & scope of the industry in domestic and international circle.

The organised cheese industry in India is at best in its nascent stage
Accounting for under 1% of total dairy production and largely limited to urban consumption. Though cheese was first marketed under the brand name 'Amul', from the popular Amul butter stable in the late 1970s, it attained an identity of its own only as late as 1990s.

Cheese Industry in India as of 2006, is valued at Rs 250 crore (US$ 50 million)
The organized cheese industry in India as of 2006, is valued at Rs 250 crore (US$ 50 million), with a volume in excess of 8000 tonnes. The industry growth rate is estimated at about 10%-12% per year in terms of volume and 16%-17% per year in value terms. Current household cheese penetration is 5%, with about 50% of consumption being limited to cities. Mumbai and Delhi together capture half of the cheese market. Within cheese products, around 60% of the market is dominated by processed cheese, 30% by cheese spreads and the remaining 10% by flavoured and specialty cheese.

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