Friday, July 17, 2015

How to sooth your baby with massage?

Massage is very important for baby's emotional and physical development. Its very common in India (and many other countries) for moms to give massage to babies.  It helps in calming down your baby as well as they will be more happy. While giving massage moms develop  special bond with their babies, and of-course massaging with oil  also helps in strengthening muscle and  soothing a tired baby.

You can use coconut oil or any baby oil, some mothers use baby moisturizing lotion for massage, which is also a good option. I am  a new mom and I also face the same problem of choosing right oil for my baby, initially I used baby oil but later I end up with coconut oil as doctor suggested and which is really good for baby skin, make sure its pure.

How to massage?

Apply a good amount of oil all over the body and massage in circular motion for at least 20 min. Press Their legs and arms, then cross babies arm and legs gently to give them little bit of stretch. This also help them in passing gas.

My doctor suggested not to do massage or use any bathing product of baby for at least 15 to 20 days till their umbilical cord falls off completely. Newborn's skin are very soft and delicate and pores should be open to breath by their skin.

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