Thursday, April 24, 2014

An apple a day can help you in reducing weight

When you are hungry after gym you crave for food, That's because you are low on energy and your stomach is empty. Craving for food is caused by a  hormone called ghrelin, that  turn on cravings when our stomach is empty. Hormones are the messengers that influence how we feel, and how fast our body stores fat. If you let yourself go hungry, your cravings will be too intense to resist. Trick to stay full and suppress your appetite is to eat the fruits full with fibre content, before or after your meal. 
Start your day with an apple. Apples are low in fat and calories and loaded with fibre. These fibre keep your stomach full for longer and suppress your appetite. There is a soluble fibre in apple called pectin, which reduces the amount of sugar and calories that absorbed in your bloodstream after a meal. Even the people who sank their teeth in an apple for 15 minutes before meal they consume fewer calories than those who consume apple juice or apple sauce.
There are other foods that can suppress your appetite. Here is the list
Pine- nuts, Salad, Whey protein, Beans, Avocado, Flax Seed, Green tea, Water, Oatmeal etc.

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